of the Magna Carta Institute for human rights and obligations

Welcome to the radical revolution. The next step towards freedom of men.

The new charter of the Magna Carta Institute today is to establish a society of transformed individuals that are no longer occupied by greed. The only way to accomplish this is to institutionalize human development so it becomes part of the structure we use to built our society. We need to bring about a radical transformation of the mind. This will be done by introducing the human development strategy of the next paradigm as a requirement for leadership positions in all traditionalized structures like political institutions, economical and financial institutions, justice, education, healthcare and social institutions like multinationals with 1000+ employees, that have a profound influence in the shape of our understanding and perspectives.

It can however not be done by using just a strategy from our traditional background, like psychology, for it will not work. Because it unconsciously also supports the greedy culture that we want to change. Our traditional methods stand in our way to transform our society so a new method, like the ‘Human Development Strategy’ will be needed.

The new ‘Human Development Strategy’ is a co-creation of all methods for personal growth. The assumed contradictions in these methods are just paradoxes that we can see through. If we just accept cognitive dissonance, caused by the assumed contradictions, long enough to understand that it occurs for learning purposes, then eventually we will learn.

For a modern society like ours in which we understand that all humans perceive the world in their own way, there are to many discussions about what is real. Science, religion or plane social and cultural believes all support our internal believe system. When we transform towards self actualized or enlightened people we will see that there are no differences. Many members of the MCI already see this without calling themselves self actualized. This resulted in the Human Development Strategy which is free of copyright and therefore can be downloaded without having to register. Choose ‘downloads’ from the 'Take action' menu.

However, we hope that you will help us to continue our work for all human kind with a gift. Please choose ‘donations’ from the 'Take action' menu.