Creator and his vision

Paul Kortman (1957), life artist and former student of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Netherlands, gave birth to the idea for the Magna Carta Institute for Human Rights and Obligations in 1998. In the process he spontaneously understood that his creation had to develop in a spiritual way first, before it could be of any relevance. Reason for this is the creators understanding that he didn’t see the world as it was, but as he was. Reshaping his own mind was therefore the necessary first step. During the 11 years of his personal transformation Paul experienced numerous opposite lifestyles and strategies. All these are incorporated in his current personal development strategy, bringing him continuous learning.

This dynamic learning strategy he now calls the “Human Development Strategy”. It forces practitioners of this strategy to understand that every human believe is equally important and that contradictions that occur are in fact different aspect of the same believe experienced in another context. Although this may cause unbalanced moments, together these moments will form a balanced ballet.

Without a dynamic learning strategy leadership becomes obsolete the moment we acknowledge it. If we desperately want to keep what is being created, we will soon be so busy managing our creations that we experience a lack of time, causing us to question our purpose in life. Instead of remaining healthy, flexible and dynamic as life itself, we experience illness as a result of becoming as static as our creations both spiritual as well as materialized.
Nature is dynamic, but men often think they ought to be static and inflexible. It is for this reason that I want the world to understand that greed - the excessive need for having materials and money - and just being, without developing ones power to fulfil ones personal needs, are both incomplete survival strategies. Healthy people are people that accept and tune all their powers. Their life strategy is one of dynamic continuous learning.

This learning made him understand that at the highest abstraction level there is only one human right and one human obligation: It’s our right and our obligation to develop ourselves.

Paul: “Magna Carta today represents the next step towards freedom of men, a radical transformation of the mind. We need to free ourselves from our addictive need for having to be able to cope with challenges like economic crises and global warming.”