We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein –

The above sentence is well known, but its meaning is still not understood in the necessary depth. The reason why lies in the way this information came to most of us. It was spread as knowledge that we forgot to integrate not allowing it to become authentic wisdom from our inside out. That is the challenge we face after almost 400 years of reproductive education. It is a challenge Magna Carta picked up. It took us 10 years of learning and experiencing to come to a universal ‘Human Development Strategy’ that continuously deals with this issue. The fact that all humans perceive the world in their own way forced us into the following frame for meaning making: ‘Unity accepts duality but duality does not accept unity’. This means that we can have a universal development strategy the moment we stop claiming to know the universal truth or to judge our own opinion as best.

The Magna Carta Institute supports the development of a new study within the Bachelor- Master structure that is based upon the Human Development Strategy.

This study is not just about stacking knowledge about Human Development, because that would lead to diminishing self confidence and ones purpose in life. These issues course internal conflicts which may lead to internal problems like illness and external problems ( g.e. economic crises caused by greed) and would increase the gap between what people want to do or should do and what they are actually doing or are able to do .

Uncertainties about ‘self’ and ‘our purpose in life’ are the biggest barrier, inhibiting us from realizing our full potential and achieving peak performance.

Beside reproductive education, literature and skill trainings, students will therefore also experience the effects of this study upon their personal lifes to ensure that the required qualities are integrated in an authentic and durable way.

Paul Kortman's PhD research is about the missing link in our educational system and the effects this missing link has on organizational behavior and the behavior of our society as a whole. His dissertation is titled "The missing link. A radical transformation of the mind. Towards cultural revolution in organizations". His revolutionary work is challenging the educational system and is expected to be ready in 2010. The complete published work will be available for free from the download page of the Magna Carta website.