Reshaping our culture is the number one responsibility of us all

Magna Carta does not have a specific political ambition. Over the years we have learned that capitalism, socialism or communism were all limited in their success because of the level of development of their leaders and the society they served. Therefore we support all political parties and politicians in their effort to succeed by offering them the best personal development support on the planet. In return we ask politicians to support us by pointing out the relevance of personal development as the most important right and social obligation we all have. This way our success will no longer be limited by the level of development of our leaders or the society they serve. Let’s talk about us.

Professional Human Development should be part of the education offered to students.

Paul: “Magna Carta today represents the next step towards freedom of men, a radical transformation of the mind. We need to free ourselves from our addictive need for having to be able to cope with challenges like economic crises and global warming.”